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UNION OF LIVES Date: Jun 29th @ 5:40pm EDT
Union of our bodies in our Castle
Feeling that binds our soulmates
I will blindfold your eyes, gaze will be your guide
feel your body with the fire of your surrender
gag your fears with lanyards
Give me complicity of your thoughts towards me
open the doors of your submission so that my Domination can enter
I will captivate your sensations with my Dominant force
I will fill you with tenderness and caresses in our bed
It will be mine, I will be your Owner, we will be a union ...
Sweet Passion Date: Jun 23rd @ 6:59pm EDT
I want to take you with the fury of my passion
You moan with the breath of your surrender
Devour you with my hands for your skin
That your tongue only wants to give me pleasure
My onslaught be like the force of the sea
Your moans like a siren's song
You make my passion wildly sweet
You are the passion that encourages the body to enter you,
Give me that orgasm of yours in a whisper,
And giving yourself to you, that sweet nectar that you long for from me !!!
"Union" Pain and Pleasure !!! Date: Jun 15th @ 12:05pm EDT
She was curious to know what it would be like to experience the combination of pain and pleasure at the same time. How would both sensations come together in one face? My sub is there for just that, for me to use in my experiments and hobbies.I only dispose and he obeys. I usually subject it to cruel torments or I squeeze it based on orgasms that I prolong until I exhaust it. But I had never tried both in unison. I was wondering what gesture would stay, what sensation would live. Pain or pleasure?
I think of you Date: Jun 13th @ 6:04pm EDT
I miss you, your surrender, your passion, your pranks, your most fervent desires, your longings, devour your fears with the force of my determination, your doubts dispel them with the fire of my honesty, you are mine, I am your Owner, my magic, my muse, my wife, my companion, my complement, my greatest gift in life forever and ever.
sensations Date: Jun 4th @ 12:24pm EDT
I will tame your darkest desires
I will submit your delivery to my pleasure
I will sweeten your lips with the honey of my sex
I will kiss your mouth to end on your lips
I will drink your passion in every drop of my being
I will take over your body with my domination
I will intoxicate your passion with water of my love
I'll enslave your senses to make them one
I will feed your soul with the spring of my sensations
I will captivate your kneeling gaze before my authority
I will imprison your soul, body and mind for owning you
I will smile when your soul shines when my poetry reaches you
I will shine with Adoration for feeling you mine and unique.
Goals Date: May 21st @ 12:22pm EDT
It has far we have been in this medium webcam modeling, we have achieved many goals and objectives we set ourselves increasingly ambitious. We hemoms realized that we were born for this and we do not see it as a job but as a lifestyle which has become part of us, has become our world and we want to thank all our fans for their support and without you would not have the success we are having and we are confident that it is not even half of what we can achieve ...
something more about us Date: Apr 3rd @ 7:13pm EDT
In addition to what we do, we are passionate about 3 things: video games, dancing and makeup (well, I love makeup. Matheo loves how it fits me, although he tells me that with or without him he sees me beautiful). The passion for video Games leads us to enjoy even more of our daily life outside of here, we behave like little ones and well he gets angry because he always wins. (Although I think it allows me to win but well I am still the winner hahha) we wanted to tell you this since we are scared that they are part of our lives, and are being marked in our history. What things do we hate? We want to cook hahahaha because we must feed ourselves and we cannot spend unnecessary money, because our project is to have our apartment, car and all our things, we have many projects and that motivates us to cook hahahha and obviously the need and wise decision to starve , well guys this is a small part of our history and who we are Matheo and Keity outside the camera, in short outside we are 2 young lovers of dance, video games and makeup tutorials, in addition to watching a good movie with popcorn and in plush pajamas hahah kisses see you soon !!

Hot Market Date: Mar 29th @ 12:42pm EDT
Yesterday we were doing some shopping in the market, to be ready in this quarantine, and a feeling came over us as we were close to so many phallic vegetables, Keity hastened to buy and return home. You can imagine what happened next? ... We can only say that the salad was delicious. LOL
be reborn Date: Mar 28th @ 2:10am EDT
I think that every moment one should be reborn, and be better than before. I know we both will be. That each one should heal wounds if this happened, mistakes, defects. All that and more usually happens in some relationship, with someone. I don't want to roll up or tire with my lyrics. Except that; let's be reborn. And happiness sprouts in the soul. and cultivate a smile forever.
I want to live life loving you. Date: Mar 28th @ 2:08am EDT
I want all life to be the same for both of us, I would take you to the bottom of my darkness where the only light that exists is that of our passion, complicity, dedication, and the happiness that intoxicates us and will be even more, if both of us we meet again at the destination we are looking for day after day.
That we are based on this very existence to live on our existence, We will be and we are happy in our boat, I want us to go in our world, I want to live lifeâ¦. loving you for every emotion and sensation ever dreamed and felt by both of you.
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