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Happy for the year 2021 Date: Jan 12th @ 10:21pm EST
We want this year to meet both their goals and our we will be informing our achievements since they are an important part of this we want to thank them and tell them that we will be here for you
our wishes for you friends Date: Dec 9th @ 12:44pm EST
We want you to know that they are important for us and we appreciate every shared moment without any doubt are the best we want them to share with family and that their homes are full of Christmas and a lot of love a thousand kisses
Nice dates... Date: Dec 5th @ 5:04am EST
We want to tell you that this year we had the opportunity to make a lovely decoration to our Christmas apartment. We are very excited about what the dates involve, the gifts, the moments and above all because we are going to be with you for a while on December 24! Our photograph was and we took a new photo Shoot in which you see part of our decoration and that's why we wanted to share it with you.

We appreciate your company and we hope to have them here to share in this beautiful date of love and unity ... â¥
A day of makeup Date: Oct 27th @ 12:50pm EDT
One day, a friend told me that for work reasons she had to do a full body makeup for an event, the truth is that i really liked the idea of doing it, Time passed and they invited me to a costume party and i was crazy trying to find a costume, the sexiest and most erotic one that will make an impact and i thought it would be the perfect occasion to paint my entire body as i had always wanted it, so i looked for a makeup artist who had been recommended to me a lot. I went to my appointment completely shavedm with jeans and a white shirt, i asked him to do my makeup like a Greek Goddess, i really loved his work, i must confess that i felt like a woman more sexy and desired, i come out naked and made up of that spectacular pink Greek Goddess, it was very funny, , many cell phones following me, i felt like the queen of the party.
Rest day Date: Aug 18th @ 7:24pm EDT
It was the day off as usual, I was going with my girlfriend to the mall and walking, my girl grabbed my cock because it was very hot and then we went to the bathroom and she gave me a blowjob and I made cum on her face and it was very satisfying.
Illusions and emotions Date: Aug 5th @ 5:15pm EDT
Your feelings explode like rain drops of moisture between your legs delusions of illusions and emotions explode in a thousand emotions within you fires in the sky like outbursts of thoughts I light in your body the most sublime delivery are fireworks turned into feelings in the sky of your gaze is dazzled with lights and sparkles.
please me Date: Jul 24th @ 1:53pm EDT
Please give me up to my wishes
Your body moistens before my gaze
Your priority will be only me
Please me without times without waiting
Our time will be yours, mine, ours
Please me with every drop of your delivery
Let yourself be carried away by the sublime of your feelings
Today, show me your strength, fears, your doubts
Give yourself into my hands, please me.
moments Date: Jul 24th @ 1:51pm EDT
A day more, a day less
the moments are gone and the days are gone
I want that fire to burn in me
I want to devour wishes and surrender
I want to feel fullness
a dark day a sunny day
take over every moment
control every situation
everything goes off and everything goes on
where are you where do you come from
One minute it lives, one second it goes out.
but life always continues do not stop for anything or for anyone.
Toys Date: Jul 2nd @ 1:29pm EDT
We have many toys, one stranger than another but are things we like a lot and we use to please our fans, because as previously mentioned, one of nuestors biggest fetishes, it is to know and please the fetishes of others no matter how strange it may seem, we'll try, so we nuntrimos our mind and the same time our members are satisfied ...
WAKE!!! Date: Jun 29th @ 5:44pm EDT
You awaken my passion with the breeze of your gaze
I will muzzle your fears to enjoy your delivery
Silence your thoughts to hear your moans
Run through your body with the cold of the wax
Wrap your body with my warmest lashes
That your only will is just to fulfill my wishes
With your smile and your fervent look of adoration
With our happiness my beloved ...
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